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Ang & Ryan: Charlotte Engagement Photography

These two love birds are getting married in the most incredible way... both traditional Chinese and American. That means two weddings, two styles of wedding dresses, and two opportunities to celebrate their love with their families! Angela and Ryan, transplants like most, live in Charlotte and love the city for its energy! We were able to explore "A Taste of Charlotte" and bring the vibrance of this city into their session with romantic moments to seal the deal as to where they stand on the soul scale. They love to laugh and of course do the occasional dirty dancing lift every so often to keep things interesting!! <3 <3

They wore Jade necklaces, which in Chinese culture symbolize Confucian virtues of courage, wisdom, modesty, justice and compassion. That, I am humbled to learn about and love that they included something special in this session. In addition to the necklaces being Jade, Angela explained that each Jade has its own purpose and meaning to life. Ryan rocked a Jade bracelet that was from Angelas families community and they hand picked each Jade to make the bracelet. Talk about a strong family unit and sense of family history.

I am so excited to see Angela and Ryan in their traditional Chinese wedding attire AND their American fusion ceremony. They have so much vibrance in their personalities that this union is nothing short of magic. Congrats to the engaged couple and you have to see their adorable family photo we did at the end with the pups in their house!! #eheniganstudios

And my last photo after our super-adventure is them with their sweet pup's! Gotta have a good shot of the fur babies!!

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