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Elaine founded E. Henigan Studios in the fall of 1978.  She was a natural born artist, with a full scholarship offer from CMU right out of high school.  She found her love for photography after mastering painting, calligraphy, drafting, typing, and design work (when everything was cut and drawn by hand!) 

Erin grew up in the business with bright eyes and even at 6 years old she was confident enough to give her posing suggestions in the studio setting.  Training under her mother she has grown into the photographer she is today. 

Though they live in different places now, the business caters to clients in both Pennsylvania and North Carolina (and beyond if Erin is traveling for a destination wedding.)  They share a passion for family and capturing moments, blending traditional portrait work with fearless documentary photographs.

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Elaine married her husband when she was 19 years old! 

Erin had a Dinosaur Yinzer Glam wedding after dating her now-husband for 7 years! 

Elaine lives for Dunkin' Donuts.

Erin lives for coffee flavored protein & of course the occasional Duck Donut. 

Elaine's favorite color is pink.

Erin's favorite color is blue. 

Elaine owns an adorable Golden Retriever named William.

Erin owns an adorable Rottweiler named Percy. 

Elaine and Erin both are team Nikon. (Camera body brand!) They both have attended countless photography and editing workshops and love enhancing natural beauty of their subjects! 


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