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Cait + Abry: Uptown Charlotte Engagement Session!

Everybody loves a great cinderella story right..? Let's talk about how Cait and Abry met, in undergrad, at Clemson University! These two Tigers fans found each other in college and are making it official next year in the city they now call home, Charlotte. Abry proposed in the most romantic city on the east coast, Charleston, SC, and I can't wait to show you some of these sweet photos we took in the Queen City.

Every girl wants to hear a story of college sweethearts making big moves, growing together, supporting each other through the best years of their lives. It is also arguably the most challenging time- as you find yourself, your career, (& for this couple ) your future in your best friend. Take a look below at Cait and Abry, you have found the story we all want to live!!

ALSO!!! They have the sweetest pup and made this engagement session simple with how fun they both were!

...and of course our selfie at the end!

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