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Megan + Joe: Boston Engagement Photography

Megan and Joe are special, let's just start there. I would describe them as outgoing, super fun, totally in love and killin' the fashion game on a regular basis. They shared with me some of the best things to do on the Boston Harbor and and we even had a chance to visit one of their favorite spots, Quincy Market (which just so happens to be where they had their first date!) They talked about lobster rolls and in Boston, its all about the fresh sea food! I stayed just a few blocks away in the local Kimpton downtown which makes walking to the Harbor and the market only a few minutes away! Megan and Joe are considering getting married in the Caribbean at a restaurant that I actually LOVE called Jellyfish.... talk about great lobster.

I am SUPER excited for these two and maybe some day I can even convince them to move to Charlotte, which is a solid goal when you have clients who you want to remain best friends with forever! :) I have known Megan for almost 10 years and it was so amazing having the chance reconnecting with her and photographing her engagement! Congratulations to the both of you and cheers to two spectacular people!

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