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Jenna + Marc: Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Ladies & gent's.. I present to you the Gonzo's! If I had to describe Jenna and Marc, I would go with... the life of the party! They threw a travel inspired dream wedding, with details to die for!! The Pittsburgh Cookie Table was of course accompanied by a cake with passports, and countries carefully placed all over it!! We had a little rain, followed up with a killer sunset... which all of my photography lovers pay attention to a late afternoon day because through our camera's we have the opportunity to make some serious magic happen.

The biggest adventure was loosing a lens of mine during the day as we were battling out some of the rain with our portraits, but Jenna and Marc just so happened to be my good-luck charm, because post wedding, I found my lens right at the steps of their church. I think this means many years of blessings, luck, and of course love!

PS: I even included an out-take of Kayla, my fearless second photographer. #eheniganstudios

She is fearless.

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