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SVADBA! Ashley + Dan - Charlotte Wedding Photography

SVADBA!! Ashley and Dan had the besttttttt-day-ever. They had a traditional Serbian Wedding, full of friends, family, beverages, dancing, and of course rosemary for good luck! The skut even had a live animal and surf-boards.... I don't even know where to begin when describing SUCH a fun day-- & they had live music all day, everywhere!!

We started with the two getting ready with their closet friends and family. Ashley put on her Kleinfeld Gown and man, did she rock it!! Her MOH and Mom helped her with the finishing touches and the ladies ended up at the Skup. Traditionally, this is the party before the wedding- guys first, then ladies!! The men are challenged with giving a gift acceptable to the brides family and try to find things that Ashley's parents would truly enjoy!! (This is the part where we had livestock and surf boards :)!!)

Next the most beautiful ceremony. Words-can't-describe, you have to just look at the photos!!

The couple finished up the night with a whole lot of good luck and a moment together where they snuggled and danced in the rain... making their wedding day perfect and complete!

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